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white noise sound machine

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  • SKU: LBKMA800
  • Item: white noise machine
  • Color: white body + black top and base
  • Switch: touch sensor
  • Function: white noise + sound machine + RGB light
  • MOQ: 1 piece or wholesale



Adaptor input: 100-240V, 50/60HZ, 0.2A
Adaptor output: 5V/1A
Sleeping machine input: DC5V/1A
Light power: 2W
Speaker specification: 52mm, 4Ω3W
Accessories: white sound sleep machine, power adapter, user manual
Product size: 118mm*118mm*62.5mm

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white noise sound machine aid sleep music

Aid Sleep Function

This sound machine is a great sleep aid helper, it is with aid sleep music, perfect for baby sleeping and adult aid sleep. 4 aid sleep music: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Hush Little Baby, Rock A Bye Baby, Moon Night Sond.

white noise sound machine natural noise

Simulate Nature Environment

White noise can make deep sleep environment, which make you better sleep. It built-in 12 natural environment sound effects, relax your body and mind.

6 Natural Sound: ocean wave, water channel, water stream, crickets, singing birds, thunderstrom.

6 natural noise: white noise, pink noise, brown noise, fetal heart sound, fan noise, clothes dryer.

white noise sound machine nature sounds

Multifunction White Noise Machine

  1. white noise and sleep lamp double help to sleep, creat a good sleep environment;
  2. help to focus on your study or work;
  3. block “the color noise”, recovery work efficiency;
  4. simulate the uterine environment, help baby sleep better;
white noise sound machine RGB night light

RGB Night Light

Its soft night light create an relaxing and cosy environment, suitable for bedroom, bedside and living room, press the touch button marked by the sun, turn on the night light mode, its RGB color normally is warm white, orange, blue, green, purple and yellow, also a best room decoration.

white noise sound machine button details

Touch Sensor Button

There are 8 touch sensor button to control this white noise sound machine, they are: night light, volume down and up, sound playing, natural sound, white noise sound & fan sound, lullaby sound, timing funciton.