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  • SKU: LBMY-03
  • Item: wake up alarm clock
  • Color: white body + gray base
  • Material: ABS
  • Function: sunrise simulation + wake up light + alarm clock
  • MOQ: 1 piece or wholesale



Adaptor: DC 5V/1A
MaterIal: PC
Light color: dimmable
White led light: 3w
Temperature: 2900-3100k
Lifetime: 20000hours
Luminance: 250lm
Product size: 100mm*100mm*175mm

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Simulation Sunrise Wakeup Light

30 minutes before the alarm clock rings, the light will turn on automatically and slowly brighten up, it will reach the maximum at the alarm time while the natural sound start to ring. The natural sound alarm will be off automatically after 5 minutes ringing. The light will be off 10 minutes after alarm clock stops ringing.

Five Nature Sounds Alarm Clock

This wake up alarm clock is fitted with 5 nature sounds, birds, forests, wind bell, streams, crickets at night, these sounds are a great way to wake you up naturally as an alarm clock, it starts at the time you set, and lasts for 30 minutes, with the sound rising from low to high.


RGB Auto Changing Light

Long touch (last for 2 seconds) the sensing area, it will change to RGB mode, and it will auto change color slowly, you also can long touch again to manually turn off the RGB light.


Touch Sensor Control

Just set up the button on the bottom at the very beginning, and then you can easy control the light lamp by touch sensor.


Three-level Brightness Night Light

Short touch the sensing area at the top to turn on the first level brightness, touch again to turn on the second level, third touch turns on third level brightness, and fourth touch to turn off the light.


Battery Powered

It is portable, can be powered by USB DC power and built-in Lithium battery. So you can take it when travel or camping.

If Bright mode, it working for 2-3h; If Mid mode, working for 4-5h, If Dim mode, working for 8-9h.