Wake Up Light Table Lamp

wake up light led table lamp

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  • SKU: LBMY10
  • Item: wake up light
  • Color: white
  • Switch: manual button + touch sensor
  • Function: wake up light + table lamp
  • MOQ: 1 piece or wholesale



  • Power: warm light: 3W; RGB light: 3W
  • Adaptor: DC5V/1A
  • CRI: >80
  • Color temperature: 2900-3100K
  • Light source/qty: LED
  • Switch: manual button + touch sensor
  • Lifetime: 20,000 hours
  • Size: D*H: 100mm*180mm

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sunrise simulation wake up light

Wake Up Light

This wake up lamp simulate sunrise to wake you up gently, the light will turn on from dim 30 minutes before the alarm rings, it brighten gradually by 20 level brightness until alarm clock time, and its natural sound alarm clock gives you the good feeling of waking up naturally, it makes getting out of bed easier than ever before.

RGB wake up light led table lamp

3 Level Warm Night Light

This table lamp is 3 level warm night light, when you short touch the sensing area at the top, it will turn on warm light mode, the light color will be: low brightness, medium brightness and high brightness. Warm light mode is a perfect table lamp, suitable for living room, bedroom, bedside for kids, children and adult.

RGB Mood Lighting

Its full spectrum color is suitable for home decor, birthday celebration, holiday atmosphere, the RGB color light will improve your mood and relax you.

wake up light led table lamp application

Digital Time Display

There is a button of digital time display, it can be used as a superior digital clock, you can place it on the desktop, tabletop or office.

Alarm Clock

There are 5 kinds of natural sound alarm clock can be choosen, natural sounds make you wake you easily. The light will gradually brighen 30 minutes before the alarm rings.

Snooze Function

When the alarm clock rings, touch the sensing area to turn on snooze function, it let you snooze 5 mins, you can snooze 2 times.

wake up light led table lamp size

Manual Button & Touch Sensor

There are manual buttons to control this table lamp: time display on/off, time setting, alarm setting, up/down.

A sensing area at the top, you can adjust the light color mode by touching it. Time clock will display at the screen.

The lamp’s height is 180mm, the diameter is 100mm, it suitable on tabletop and desktop.