Wake-Up Lamp Alarm Clock

wake-up lamp alarm clock

Best Wake-Up Lamp Alarm Clock For Sale

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  • Item: bluetooth speaker
  • Color: gray
  • Material: ABS + PP
  • Function: bluetooth speaker + night light
  • MOQ: 1 piece or wholesale



  • Power: 5W
  • Color temperature: 3800K-4200K
  • Input: DC 5V
  • Battery capacity: 2000mAh
  • Switch: touch sensor + gesture sensing
  • Product size: 170mm*100mm

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wake-up light lamp alarm clock

Wake Up Light & Snooze Function

This wake-up lamp offers simulated sunrise effect in the morning, it comes with 8 alarm sounds for your selection. Ahead of 15 minutes from alarm sound, the wake up lamp will gradually and smoothly light up from 10% brightness to 100% brightness, simulate natural light from dark to bright to wake you up.

wake-up lamp alarm clock for aid sleep

LED Night Light

With 10 level brightness adjustable by gesture sensing or touching the electroplate ring, adjust the most suitable light for your reading, work or aid sleep.

Touch Sensor & Gesture Sensing

There is a electroplate ring on the clock body, touch the electroplate ring to control light on/off, adjust brightness and select RGB light color.

tabletop wake-up lamp alarm clock

Alarm Clock & Time Display

There is LCD display screen, it displays time, temperature, snooze, alarm clock, humidity, PM/AM, it is also a perfect tabletop time clock.

Temperature/Humidity Detection

Accurate checking out temperature and humidity, mention you add cloth or drink water in time.