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  • Item: wake up alarm clock
  • Color: white
  • Material: ABS
  • Function: sunrise simulation + wake up light + alarm clock + FM radio
  • MOQ: 1 piece or wholesale



IndexStandard versionSmart APP version
Wake up lightlight brightness: 20 level, adjustable
(red-orange-warm white, up to 200 lux)
light brightness: 20 level, adjustable
(red-orange-warm white, up to 200 lux)
Number of alarm clock2 sets4 sets
Repeat the alarmkeys operationsupport weekly repeated alarm clock on APP
Alarm sound type7 sets of natural sounds + FM radio7 sets of natural sounds + FM radio
Sunrise simulation duration10-60 min (adjustable, per 10min)10-60 min (adjustable, per 10min)
Ringing alarm modelight & sound, light & FM, only ound, only FMlight & sound, light & FM, only ound, only FM
Ringing alarm duration15 mins10-20 mins
Sleep sound type3 sets of natural sounds + FM radio3 sets of natural sounds + FM radio
Sound level16 levels16 levels
FM frequency76-108 MHz76-108 MHz


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Simulation Sunrise

This wake-up alarm clock is suitable for everyone, especially sleepless people and children.

The light simulates the natural process from dark to sunrise. 30 minutes before the alarm is turned on, the color of the wake up light gradually changes from dark red to orange yellow and then bright yellow, from 10% to 100% brightness, until the alarm sounds.

Simulate the real sunrise from both light and sound, it awaken you naturally. If 30 minutes is too long for you, set it to 20 or 10 minutes. Customize the lighting time, lighting brightness and alarm volume to make it user-friendly.

Double Alarm Clock & Snooze Function

The alarm clock contains 7 natural sounds, such as birds, crickets, waves, streams, rain, wind chimes, light music, etc. The volume can be adjusted at 16 levels.

Considering that almost everyone needs more than one alarm clock, we designed two alarm clocks, one for weekday and one for weekend.

Snooze function allows you to sleep another nine minutes after your alarm goes off. There has 5 snooze opportunities.


RGB Night Light

It is also bedside lamp, night night and sleep aid lamp. With 7 different RGB colors and 20 levels of warm light, it is suitable to be used as a night lamp in the living room, bedroom, bedside, etc. Soft and warm light creates a soothing and relaxing environment before sleeping, which helps to fall asleep quickly.

Aid Sleep Light

Simulate sunset function. just preset brightness, duration, sleep music and volume. The light will dim with the music and help you fall asleep faster. Once reach the time you set, it will automatically turn off.


FM Radio

After being awakened by the alarm clock in the morning, you can first turn on the FM radio to listen to the broadcast.
Just press the “Radio” button for 2 seconds to turn it on. It will start and automatically scan all stations with frequency between 76-108mhz. It can also save 40 channels.

Best Gift

Colorful lights are suitable as atmosphere lights to decorate the room. When holding birthday parties, weddings or festivals, it is the best gift for children’s Day, Christmas, New Year, anniversary, etc. It makes the atmosphere more romantic, the space is full of imagination and creativity, and it can shorten the distance between friends and family members.

Buying Guide

What Is Wake Up Alarm Clock?

Wake up alarm clock is a combination of wake up light and alarm clock. An alarm clock (or sometimes just an alarm) is a clock that is designed to alert an individual or group of individuals at a specified time. The primary function of these clocks is to awaken people from their night’s sleep or short naps. Wake up light is a kind of LED lamp that simulate sunrise or sunset to regulate human body’s rhythm so people can sleep better and wake up more easily.

Does Wake-up Lights Really Work?

Yes. Species (of course include human) in a large number of scientific studies have shown that, in the day and night, wake up soon after exposure to sunlight can make the circadian rhythm speeding up, that is to say, the body will usher in the biological rhythm of day more quickly.

While exposure to light before sleep slows circadian rhythms and causes the body to fall asleep more slowly and difficultly, so a soft sunset simulation before bed is a good reminder to your body to get into your nighttime biorhythms as quickly as possible.

How Wake-up Lights Simulate Sunrise or Sunset?

Studies have shown that light has a direct impact on circadian rhythm. This is because the earth’s natural light-dark cycle affects cortisol and melatonin.

The level of these hormones will affect the circadian rhythm of the human body and regulate physiological indicators, thus having a greater impact on people’s mind and body.

So, the wake-up light simulate real sunrises and sunsets to adjust these hormones by right light at the right time to improve the human body.