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  • SKU: LBCF06
  • Item: cooling fan
  • Color: white
  • Material: ABS
  • Function: cooling air
  • MOQ: 1 piece or wholesale



Input VoltageDC5V 1.5A
Natural Wind Power Rating(Low/Mid/High)L: 1.8W /M:3.5W/ H:4.5W
Cold Wind Power Rating(Low/Mid/HighL: 3.5W /M:5W/ H:6W
Color Light Power Rating0.3W
Warm White Light Power Rating0.6W
High/Low Noise LevelAbout 55dB / 42dB
High/Mid/Low Wind Speed3.5m/s /2.5m/s /1.5m/s
High/Mid/Low Wind Distance3.5m / 2.5m/1.5m
High/Mid/Low Wind Volume140m³/h / 115m³/h / 70m³/h
Level of EvaporationAbout 40ml/h
Water Tank CapacityAbout 480ml
Product Dimensions120*136*260mm

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Product Feature

mini tower cooling fan (7)
  1. Natural wind, cold air-conditioner, Humidifier Mode. Under Natural wind and cold wind mode, automatic protection will start against water shortage, and it will automatically turn to natural wind mode when the water level of the water tank is too low;
  2. Manually adjust the wind direction up and down;
  3. Touch screen operation;
  4. The water in the water tank is formed into a water mist by ultrasonic high-frequency oscillation, which is thoroughly mixed with the air and blown out;
  5. High wind, long blowing distance and wide range;
  6. Large open water tank on the top, easy to clean;
  7. With colorful atmosphere light and night light function;
  8. The activated carbon filter can be removed and washed at the air inlet, which has the function of sucking odor and filtering air;
  9. Imitation of natural wind operation mode, effectively prevent discomfort such as dizziness for a long time using;
  10. A few drops of water-based essential oil or perfume can be dripped into the water tank during aromatherapy. Do not add oily essential oil to avoid corroding the product.
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  1. Plug the USB charging cable into the TYP C port on the side of the machine, and plug the other end into a DC5V 1.5A power adapter. The power indicator will be weak Light color;
  2. Click the POWER button, the power indicator will be highlighted, and the machine will start working (The default working mode: cold air / low speed level)
  3. Click the SPEED button to switch the low / medium / high level;
  4. Click the MODE button to switch between natural wind and cold wind mode;
  5. Click the button to switch on / off the colorful lights / Night lights;
  6. Under cold wind working mode, when the water tank is lower than the minimum water level line, the machine will automatically switch to natural wind mode;
  7. The product will automatically shut down after about 8 hours of continuous working.
  8. Click the POWER button to shut down the machine during work.
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  1. Before turning on the cold wind mode, please keep the water level normal in the water tank;
  2. The cooling effect is better under high temperature and low humidity conditions;
  3. Ice water or Ice can be added to the water for better cooling effect.
  4. Please add clean tap water or mineral water into the water tank, do not add distilled or purified water, otherwise it will cause abnormal cooling function;
  5. Please clean the activated carbon filter regularly to avoid blocking the air intake;
  6. Do not add oily oil to the water tank to avoid corroding the product;
  7. When using the cold wind function, there may be a small amount of condensation water droplets on the air outlet grid, which is normal.
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  1. Do not dump the machine during using;
  2. Please make sure the water tank cover close tightly when using;
  3. Do not cover the air inlet and air outlet;
  4. Strictly forbidden to insert foreign objects such as wooden sticks or iron rods into the inlet and outlet frames;
  5. The water level in the water tank Couldn’t exceed the maximum water level line;
  6. When there is water in the water tank, please do not shake the machine, avoiding water overflow in the water tank;
  7. When carrying this product, please pour all the water in the water tank , to avoid overflowing from the water tank when the product shakes;
  8. Please use DC5V 1.5A or more adapter;
  9. Please use the standard Charging cable come with this machine;
  10. Non-professionals are strictly prohibited to disassemble the machine.


1) Q: Why does the air outlet spray looks very small, and some similar products have a large spray?

A: This product uses a medical-grade sprayer with a pore diameter of 3-4 μm, so the spray mist is very thin.When the humidity is low and the temperature is high, the spray quickly absorbs the heat in the air and evaporates, so that the wind blowing out of the air outlet reaches a rapid cooling speed effect. Similar products have a large amount of mist because they use a larger atomizer diameter and thicker mist particles. The air outlet is not easy to evaporate.

2) Q: The air outlet of other products has a large spray, and it is very cool to the face. Why do we use a thin mist sprayer for our products?

A: The air outlet of other products has a large spray, and the water mist particles are relatively thick. If you blow it directly to the human body for a long time, people will feel the body a feeling of wetness, especially for people with rheumatism, joint pain, old and young people, which may cause discomfort;

For our machine, particles are small, people will feel more dry, even long time use will not make people feel too wet and discomfort.
The user can put a thin piece of toilet paper on the air outlet to test. Other products that with large spray, the toilet paper absorbs a lot Moisture and gets wet very soon, and the moisture absorbed by our machine is very small, and the toilet paper basically stays dry.

User Guide

Here is a whole JPG and PDF file of user manual for download: