Portable Night Light Touch Dimming

wholesale stepless dimming rgb night light

Best Portable Night Light Touch Dimming For Sale

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  • Item: portable night light
  • Color: white
  • Switch: manual button + touch sensor
  • Function: warm night light + dimming RGB color
  • MOQ: 1 piece or wholesale



Adaptor: DC 5V/1A
MaterIal: ABS + PS
Light color: adjustable
White LED light: 1.6W
Battery capacity: 3.7V/1200mAh
Lifetime: 20000hours
Charging time: 3h
Product size: D*H: 90mm*118mm

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stepless dimming rgb night light

Warm Night Light

There is 3 level brightness for warm night light, the dim light is perfect for kids, baby, children, the intermediate light is suitable for indoor home lighting, the highest brightness light is okay for reading.

Stepless Dimming

There is a color ring at the top to adjust the light color, touch the sensing area to change the light mode, the order is: Dim – intermediate – high brightness – SOS (flash light) – RGB color, and then touch the color ring in RGB mode to change the colorful light.

multi color stepless dimming rgb night light

RGB Colorful Light & Touch Dimmer

After turn on the RGB color, just touch your loved color at the sensing ring to change light color, it is a complete color ring, which allow you to do stepless dimming. The RGB light full color is perfect for home decor atmosphere when holiday celebration, birthday party, Christmas, etc.

portable stepless dimming rgb night light


This LED night lamp is not only a best reading table lamp, but also a perfect bedside lamp, it’s suitable for all occasions, like living room, bedroom, reading room, kitchen, coffee room, bar, office, restaurant, breast-feeding or gift-giving, anywhere you want to carry it.

stepless dimming rgb night light detail


It use normal USB charging cable, you can charge it when you use it, or recharge it after using the battery.

Portable For Outdoor Use

  • It has a handle that easily hangs from a branch for light when outdoor, camping or BBQ;
  • A small size, it’s easy to carry in backpack or luggage;
  • Long running time, full Brightness light for 28 hours, intermediate light for 46 hours, dim light for more than 60 hours, RGB color light for 26 hours.