Dinosaur Egg Projector Night Light

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Best Dinosaur Egg Projector Night Light For Sale

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  • SKU: LBWH08
  • Item: night light
  • Color: white/gray
  • Material: ABS+PC
  • Function: night light + projector
  • MOQ: 1 piece or wholesale



  • Design: dinosaur egg design
  • LED source:LED
  • Lamp power:1W
  • Material:PVC
  • Packing:color box
  • Version: 3 different versions
  • Additional function: night light, music, projection

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2 Designs

  • Basic version#1: Recharging & Remote. adjustable light, adjustable brightness, timer(15mins/30mins/60mins/)
  • Bluetooth version#2: Remote & Bluetooth. all function of basic version#1, and bluetooth function, music speaker.
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Light music included】Built-in music box with soothing white noise sounds to filter out surrounding distractions that may disturb your minds. The soft sounds are perfect for setting up an ideal sleep environment, drowns out the noises of the dinosaur lamp, it is really soothing for kids and adults to fall asleep faster and sleep sounder.

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Best gift】This star light projector for bedroom is a perfect gift for kids, turn it on and transform your boring bed. It’s also ideal for decorating parties, for instance, you can use it to decorate a birthday party to create a safe and changing atmosphere for kids to explore it, or even use it during Christmas.

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Night light & Projector】This projection night light has many different projection slides. Install the projection slide and cover the lamp cover, it is a beautiful projection night light. While it is no slides, it become a romantic night lamp.

How To Install Slider?

  1. step1, rotate the lampshade and remove the lampshade;
  2. step2, prepare slides;
  3. step3, place the lamp on the lamp base;
  4. step4, cover the lid and then cover the lampshade.
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Relax before bedtime】Children are so full of energy. Perfect for children to create a pleasant and relaxing bedtime experience, soothe and comfort kids to sleep. The moving dinosaur lamp, changing colors, and music are quite entrancing in a relaxing way. The galaxy light projector is an interesting gift for your baby and kids, showing a magic animal world to them.

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Keep children accompany】Oftentimes, kids are scared of sleeping alone. It’s a great night lights for kids who are scared of the dark especially at bedtime, to help ease their worries and make them feel more confident. These films include Dinosaur, Animal, Rocket Space, Birthday.

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Ample illumination at night】Also ideal for a baby nursery, a night light projector is practical for diaper changes and feedings. No need for mom or dad to fumble in the dark or to switch the room light on.There are 7 color options in this galaxy light projector you can select the preferred color mode and adjust the brightness to your desired level.