LEDBeer is a manufacturer of LED electronic products, we provide a variety of light and sound products, including indoor lighting products such as night lights, table lamps, light therapy lamps, wake up lights, sleep aid lamp, home speaker products such as bluetooth speaker lights, wireless charging lights, alarm clocks, custom LOGO, packing box and OEM is okay for us.

LEDBeer offers a variety of indoor lighting products, provides quality innovative solutions for all kinds of LED lights.
LEDBeer is a global supplier of LED-related lighting solutions. The indoor lighting product is suitable for both wholesale, commercial and end users. Therefore, our customers are mainly companies and end-users.
For company buyer, you can get our high quality lamps with more favorable wholesale price, and sell our lamps to end users in local supermarkets, stores or online websites, such as your own website, Amazon, Wish, Ebay, etc. We also provide valuable industry information and the latest hot products.
For end-user buyer, we do not have a MOQ (minimum order quantity) for our LED lamp, this means one piece can be sold at a reasonable price. Most of our products are used in indoor lighting, home decoration and festive atmosphere, perfect gift for yourself, family members and friends.

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