Wholesale Policy

Welcome to our website, thank you for your interest in becoming a LEDBeer partner. Here you can visit our product types, check our company profile, and then wholesale our products or discuss cooperation matters.

How To Wholesale Our Product?

LEDBeer is a manufacturer and factory. In addition to preparing stocks of some products for retail, all of our products accept wholesale. Many of our customers are shop owners, online webmasters, or purchasing companies.

We provide them with a stable and high-quality source of goods, and they only need to maintain their retail customers. If you are interested in buying products in bulk from us, please send the relevant products to our customer service person, who will enthusiastically guide you how to complete the wholesale order.

How To Make OEM Orders?

In addition to wholesale existing designs, we will accept OEM/ODM orders based on customer. Considering that products must be able to meet demand in most markets, we seek to cooperate with local distributors in various regions. If you are looking for a factory, please contact our customer service to know how to support you with the highest satisfaction.

We have professional capabilities and R&D resources to accept OEM/OEM orders. LEDBeer is the original source of products, including appearance, structure, control PCB board, and smart product APP. All are controlled by us and can be flexibly customized.

After contacting us, please provide plan details and required features, and we will calculate the total cost of design, prototyping and estimated cost before proceeding. LEDBeer will discuss with you until you are satisfied and meet all specific requirements, and the performance of the product fully meets the your estimate. From design to final product, LEDBeer’s OEM/ODM services cover the entire project life cycle.

To provide you with the final reference, we have become Lenovo’s (a well-known Chinese brand) OEM/ODM nominated supplier in China.

How To Become Our Distributor?

If you are interested in becoming our further partner, please contact our customer service, LEDBeer grows with global distributors in different countries, because our products are mainly suitable for stores and e-commerce channels, which means you’d better start your business as soon as possible after you do your market research.

For some cutting-edge industry information, you are also welcome to discuss with us, as this market is so large that you need to make more efforts, we are happy to support you.

1. Let Us Know Your Company Profile

Firstly, you need to let us know your company profile, Including company history, sales team, main markets, we have many customers who are doing Amazon and e-commerce websites. We have obtained more information about these platforms, and may be able to provide you with useful information. Let us know more about you, it will definitely help us understand each other.

2. Purchase Our Samples

Secondly, please purchase our samples. During the first sample quality inspection, we can all understand each other’s management and development in the market.

3. Discuss Sales Plan

Thirdly, we need to discuss the sales plan. LEDBeer will sign a contract with you to define the obligations and responsibilities of all parties, including some specific matters. We will evaluate our performance and determine whether we should continue or in which way.

How To Become Our Exclusive Distributor?

If you need to be the exclusive distributor in your area, please provide us with more detailed information for the first step. In most cases, we will specify an industry or region for you. Because it is difficult for a company to cover all industries in the entire country, we encourage you to focus on a specific market and authorize you as the exclusive distributor in a specific market.