Why Does White Noise Help People Sleep?

Open the app store on your phone, search for “sleep” and there will be many apps that help you fall asleep, almost all of them are about white noise. Young people in modern society have poor sleep quality due to various reasons, so white noise machines that help fall asleep have also emerged.

What Is White Noise Machine?

The white noise machines we sell generally refer to white noise players. A white noise player is a device that plays random sounds. This sound sounds like the sound of a small stream, like the sound of wind blowing leaves, like the sound of heavy rain or a waterfall. These sounds have a wider frequency range. It can be used to improve sleep quality or protect office privacy, reduce office noise interference, and improve work efficiency.

white noise sound music machine

The vast majority of white noise players are electronic products, usually using audio test equipment or through electronic feedback to digital audio recordings to produce sound in real time.

Why Does White Noise Help People Sleep?

The sound we hear in the mother’s womb represents the warmest love. Hearing other people’s curses in the chaos affects our mood most. The sound of the waves makes us feel the most open, and we can even feel the nature through the trees.

The world of sound is so magical, but have you really walked into the world of sound? We always say that noise can make people sleepless and upset, but there is a kind of noise that is completely counterproductive. It can make most people sleep sweeter, more concentrated and emotionally stable.

So what kind of noise can have such a magical effect? It is the sound of rain in rainy days, the sound of running water in the mountains, the sound of birds in the forest, and it is a gift from nature to mankind—white noise.

Dr. Joseph Ojile, a medical expert at the Clayton Sleep Center in the United States, said that for those who think that white noise helps sleep, this kind of noise is an anti-noise. It keeps making sounds and will attract your attention, but You don’t need to focus on it.

From a physical point of view, white noise refers to a sound whose frequency is within the range that the human ear can grasp, and all of it is a relatively uniform sound.

Since white light is a mixture of monochromatic lights of various frequencies (colors), this flat power spectrum is called “white”, and this average audio sound is called “white noise” . This kind of sound will not only make you feel irritable, but also has a positive effect on symptoms such as insomnia. In some countries, it is also a treatment for insomnia.

When sleeping, our auditory system is like an alarm system, which is in standby mode at any time. If there is a sudden noise or continuous irregular noise, it is easy to be awakened and cause insomnia, which makes people irritable. At this time, white noise can play a soothing role.

We can think of white noise as a kind of background music. Other noises are mixed into this background music and become blurred. It is like a single beam of light at night is very dazzling, but once it is mixed with daylight in the daytime, we won’t notice this light.

Let’s use an analogy to explain why white noise can alleviate insomnia: at night, when we are in a noisy environment, there are railway rumblings, dog barking, spouse snoring, etc. These noises make us unable to sleep.

At this time, if we hear white noise, although it cannot completely isolate the noise, it can have a better neutralizing effect, so that the brain will not pay attention to those noises. This is why many people like to listen to a piece of white noise before going to bed.

Of course, absolutely ideal white noise does not exist, but sounds from nature such as rain, running water, and birdsong are the sounds that are closest to white noise in the real world.

White noise enthusiasts know that there are thousands of noises in the world to choose from, gentle drizzle, hurricane, cat purring, which one is useful to a person depends on personal preference.

Important Note:

  • Nature’s white noise is the first choice, no harm or side effects.
  • Man-made white noise should not be used daily, and it will cause a certain degree of dependence.
  • When using man-made white noise, try to keep the sound source away from yourself and infants, and lower the volume. Note that it is not advisable to wear headphones to listen to white noise.
  • Please listen to a period of white noise, soothe your mood and feel a different peace.

Application of White Noise Machine

1. White Noise Machine Plush Toy

The White Noise Machine is embedded in a plush toy and is entirely a baby’s sleep aid, or a child’s toy. It has a built-in white noise sound source, there is white noise, nature’s red noise, simulated mother’s womb, classic lullabies, rain at night, white noise, waves and other sounds, these natural sounds make the baby feel safe and sleep better.

It is also an essential plush toy for children, with a variety of different designs, teddy bear, seahorse, panda, parrot, penguin and so on, is a good comfort toy for children.

2. Night Light White Noise Machine

This white noise machine is a night light, it has RGB night light function, has a built-in lithium battery, can run continuously for about 12 hours on a full charge, very convenient.

It has a three-timer, and when it’s set, you’re ready to sleep without worrying about manually shutting it down or playing it all the time while you’re asleep. This 2 in 1 white noise machine night light will be your best choice.

3. Sound Music White Noise Machine

This is the perfect white noise machine with sound music player. Physically, it looks like a music player, with round shape and several touch sensor buttons, just like an sound speaker. When you push the button, there’s a sense of pleasure in controlling the machine.

It comes in black and white color, could be customized in other colors. It can play natural sound, lullaby music and white noise, also will be a best night light with RGB light. It is worth mentioning that it’s so small-size and portable that you could take it anywhere as you want.

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