Why We Need SAD Therapy Lamps?

SAD therapy lamp is a kind of artificial lamp which uses the visible light in the artificial light source to simulate the sunlight and give the people who lack the light to artificially supplement the light. The light therapy lamp is a modern product, as in the distant past, humans lived outdoors and were exposed to full sunlight throughout wholes year, even in the northern and southern hemispheres.

Lack Of Light

However, due to work pressures, busy lifestyles and changes in social behavior, our lives are now mainly carried out indoors. With the advent of television, and now the growth of entertainment based on computers, phones and tablets, we spend more time indoors than ever before, and miss the light cues needed by the human body.


Without enough morning light, our body’s circadian rhythm will not be triggered, and our body cannot produce the hormones needed to wake up. During the day, if we don’t receive enough sunlight, we will feel sluggish, drowsy, and low energy.

At night, we will stay awake for a long time after dark, which may lead to lack of sleep, dreaminess and mood swings. All in all, if we don’t receive enough sunlight at the right time, our biological clock may be severe enough to cause SAD symptoms.

Treat Seasonal Depression

Therefore, you need to change your lifestyle as much as possible to deal with these problems, provide your body with daylight at the right time, or use medically certified SAD lamps to simulate artificial sunlight at the right time.


The symptoms of seasonal affective disorder are diverse. Many people are associated with general depression – this is why it is sometimes referred to as “winter depression”.

However, from a rational point of view, the SAD lamp is only a kind of lamp after all. For patients with lack of light or mild seasonal affective disorder, the use of certain brightness irradiation therapy has a positive improvement effect. But it still cannot replace drugs and medical treatment. Therefore, this therapy still needs to take antidepressant drugs for the effect to be better.

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