Why Need a Night Light to Fall Asleep?

Why Do Children Often Need a Night Light to Fall Asleep?

Many children often need a night light to fall asleep, because the darkness is unknown and fearful. Mostly children do not know how to calm their mind. More practically: a lot children are very aware of their powerlessness. Somehow a bit of light is empowering and makes them feel more secure.

I used to have a night light in my room as a child, since total darkness unnerved me quite a bit to the point where it gave me a bit of trouble sleeping. Plus, the lighting made for some cool patterns that gave me something to put my mind to, so that I can fall asleep.

Well, in the dark anything can sneak up on you. Imagine not knowing that creak was caused by a floor joist swelling and rubbing a nail. That rattling is air in water lines, the popping is the house shifting, that nothing moves when the lights are turned off.

With a tiny light, you have a fighting chance. And that’s why my closet always scared me. ANYTHING could materialize behind that door, and leap out when I was most relaxed. Of course though, leaving the door ajar was not much better because the space was so dark.

It isn’t natural for them to sleep alone. Children are small and helpless and don’t have enough experience with the world to know that they’re safe so of course they’re frightened. It’s comfort and security to be near confident powerful people. Parents assume kids get used to sleeping separately but kids just learn they need to keep their fears to themselves. Sleeping in the light is just the least comfort that most adults will allow them to have.

Do Night Lights Help Kids Sleep?

Whether need night light, it depends on the child, Most of them like the security the light provides, ask your child whether they prefer sleeping with a night light or not. Then get a low light bulb and a cute animal shape for it. Having a small soft light is often reassuring for kids because most kids are afraid of the dark for some time in their lives. Many people never outgrow this you know.

Also if a sleeper routinely wakes up during the night to use the toilet, it is safer to have a little light to find your way. Preferably with a dimmer switch if low light bulb unavailable. Let them choose the dimness each night.

Also, if you have a wakeful kid, wear them out with vigorous excercise between 5 and 6 pm.

Then google sleep routines, choose the 5 step kind, and create one for your kid. They will follow it for life, whenever they have trouble sleeping.

Which Colour Light is Used For Sleeping?

Your choice of light needs to be fire light. From wood. After sunset. OR you need to somehow reproduce the wave lengths of a nice red-orange sunset….So yah fire light.

This goes back to pre-civilization times when the setting sun and the camp fire indicated time to sleep.

Like any other room, a bedroom needs general lighting. You want to provide enough light for dressing, while at the same time, keeping the tone warm and relaxing, and when you wake up in the night or in the morning the light should be down. There are many lights in the market, controlled by a dimmer gives you the ability to dial up the light while getting ready on a cloudy morning, or dial it down for your bedtime routine.

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