What Is Night Light?

The light of the night light is soft and can be used as a guide in the darkness. Most night lights have multiple functions. The shape of the night light is ever-changing, and the materials include ceramics, wood, iron, acrylic, metal and other materials. At the same time, the small night lights are rich in varieties, strong in optionality, and have the functions of decoration and embellishment.

What Is Night Light?

The night light is a small household electrical appliance, mainly used for night lighting and home decoration. The soft light of the night light at night can relieve nervous tension, relieve fatigue, soothe irritability, relieve stress, and be happy, thereby helping sleep.

What Are the Classifications Of Night Light?

Divided according to the type of switch: divided into button type, plug-in type, remote control type, pull-wire type, touch type, human infrared sensor type, voice control type, light control type and others.

Divided according to the type of light source: energy-saving lamps, LED lamps, incandescent lamps, lamp beads, halogen lamps, fluorescent lamps.

Divided according to function: aromatherapy night light, lighting night light, fun night light, craft decoration night light, holiday gift night light, shooting entertainment night light, reading night light and other purposes.

Divided according to the scope of use: corridor night light, bedroom night light, home night light, hotel lobby night light, hotel room night light, leisure and entertainment venue night light, exhibition hall night light, corridor night light and others.

Divided according to the material of the lampshade: divided into PVC material, PC material, ceramic material, vinyl material, plastic material, acrylic material, stainless steel pattern hollow carving.

Divided according to the shape of the lamp: divided into petal lamp, mushroom lamp, pattern hollow carving lamp, star lamp, heart-shaped lamp, cartoon lamp, football lamp, human-shaped lamp, various animal and plant-shaped lamps, etc.

Divided according to the transformer: electronic transformer, inductive transformer, and other transformer night light.

What Function of Night Light?

Illumination function: There are different strength and switch gears, and the brightness can be adjusted; the light of the daily use of electric lights is too strong and dazzling when the light is turned on at night, and it is uncomfortable. This kind of night light is soft and soft like water. It can produce a lighting effect similar to moonlight and create a dim and warm lighting environment, which helps to calm people and sleep peacefully. It can be used as aisle light to save electricity.

Craft decoration function: The small night light has various shapes, beautiful and practical, vivid and lovely image; the lampshade can be twisted down as a decoration or gift, for example this rattan desk lamp more action is romantic decoration.

The aromatherapy night light has the effect of aromatherapy: the essential oil is volatilized by the heat of the bulb, which has the effects of removing odor, purifying the air, decomposing second-hand smoke, and relieving mental stress.

How to Install?

The installation method of the night light is relatively simple. Insert the lamp holder into the lampshade according to the designed slot, then rotate the lamp holder 90 degrees, fix the lamp holder and lampshade, and then insert the plug into the socket.

With the development of science, the night light is mainly intelligent light-controlled night light. It can be used directly by plugging the pins into the ordinary socket at home without installation. No switch is required. The intelligent light-controlled night light will automatically turn on or off according to the surrounding light. That is says, the night light will automatically turn off when the light is bright, and the night light will automatically turn on when the light is dimmed.

Our night lights are usually wireless bedside lamps, they are directly plugged into the socket or used wirelessly after charging, which is very convenient.

Different night lights are usually installed in different places. Traditional night lights are used in the living room, bedroom, study or corridor. Decorative night lights are mostly used in the living room, bedroom, and study room. Motion sensor night lights are more used in living rooms, bedrooms, corridors and toilets. The aromatherapy night light is usually used in the bedroom and study room to create a warm and comfortable environment when resting.

What Is the Best Night Light?

It depends on your environment and people. If it is used in aisles, toilets, etc., because people only stay for a short time, it is better to use a wall-mounted voice-activated night light.

If it’s a bedroom, it’s best to turn off the lights automatically. Of course, it is best to have the following functions:

  1. Optional long time on light and manual light off function;
  2. The brightness of the light can be adjusted, such as low light for falling asleep, strong light for reading, yellow light or warm white light;
  3. There are also easy to move and carry, so that you can put it anywhere before going to bed, and you can get it at any time at night;
  4. With battery function, you don’t need to plug it into the socket to prevent it from touching the socket at night. It is suitable for mothers with babies, elderly people who wake up at night, and girls who are afraid of the dark.

Can the Night Light Be On All Night?

When the child sleeps at night, you can always turn on a small night light with a weak light. First, the room will be less dark, and the baby will feel more secure. The second is to turn on a small night light at night, so it will be more convenient for mothers to wake up and feed at night. Turning on the night light with the weakest light will not harm your baby’s healthy growth, so don’t worry.

Will the Night Light Cause a Fire?

In fact, as long as the small night light is purchased through formal channels, it will not catch fire if it is plugged in for a long time, because the quality of products produced by large manufacturers can be guaranteed. Of course, it is best to unplug the night light during the day, which can also extend the service life of the product.

Many families now use night lights, because this product will not only affect our sleep quality, but also provide convenience for us at night. However, there are still many brands of small night lights on the market. We had better choose a large manufacturer and certified products, so that the effect of use will be better.

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