Top Picked Night Lights For Kids

A nice night light benefits both parents and babies. The outline of the room under a faint, soothing light is as clear to a parent as it could be under the ceiling light, but without added light stressors. A baby who already used to sleeping with such a light on, finds it to be welcoming and non-disruptive making it the perfect sleep aid for parents.

Truly, some of the night lights you’ll encounter on the list below are marvelous little bundles of creativeness that speak volumes of how far we’ve come in devising imaginative ways to keep our kids calm.

Top 1, Small Bunny Rabbit Night Light

What happens when a thoughtful craft meets tasteful design? You get an Bunny Night Light, a soothing source of the soft nightlight that will encourage your baby’s sleep. The visual design itself is a marvel wonderfully simple yet refined, an exercise in baby-friendly minimalism. Furthermore the product is made out of child-safe silicone material and it is light, so the child can carry it around according to their whims oh, and while we are on the topic of carrying-the Bunny Night Light is cordless.

Essentially, we are talking about an extremely safe, holesome, battery-operated lamp that has a micro USB outlet plugin for charging. It also changes colors depending on what look you want to achieve If white is too stark or simply boring all it takes is a gentle tap on the bunny-shaped lamp to get one of several nuances.

Timing function;
For baby;
Remote control; 
Emergency light;
High sensitivity.

Top 2, Star Night Light Projector

There is something utterly enchanting about the stars. your child can begin learning about our place in the vast and magnificent universe from a very early age if you expose them to the idea of starscape with Kid Night Light Projector by LEDbeer. It can cast celestial bodies over the ceiling and the walls but it is also a multi-functional item. Removing the star-studded shade turns it into your regular night light.

The package comes with 2 optional mode, projector lamp shades mode and no shade night light mode, it also boasts 6-8 light effects depending on preference your regular white, warm yellow, crisp blue sequential, combination and slow fade. Learning how to shuffle through color modes is easy and intuitive; it is merely a matter of pressing a button Just like the models mentioned above. it comes with a USB port, and it has a supply for 3 AA batteries.

Multifunction: 10 kinds of music, temperature detection, backlight;
Rotating Easy Control Projection Lamp;
Great Gift for Baby Girls Women Teen.

Top 3, Star Night Light Projector

Now, since we have brushed against the topic of starscape, it is important to mention the 360 Degree Rotating Star Projector by LEDbeer. This simple yet dazzling device casts a colorful assortment of celestial bodies across the ceiling and the walls, thus prompting your baby (or your child )to develop wild imagination.

It is an appropriate gift for children of all genders and it comes with 5 modes of operation that include Moon, Starry, Universe with different color. As such, it can easily serve as more than a night light. The 360-Degree Rotating Star Projector can cast its decorative sparkles for birthdays, celebrations, Children’s Day, Christmas, New Year’s Day and even weddings. Of course, there is an additional cover that filters a soothing night light that rests and stimulates the eyes of your child.

Projector lamp;
Bluetooth speaker;
5 projection pattern;
Button operation;
360-Degree rotating;
Simulate moon, star, universer.

Which design is okay for you?

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