Looking For A Stable & Reliable Night Light Supplier?

Looking For A Stable & Reliable Night Light Supplier? Congratulation! We are looking for business partners!

As a professional night light manufacturer, Carolx focuses on LED night lamp, and provides the best solution of LED lamps, we’ll be your #1 source for wholesale night lights and more other LED related products. Know more about us.

What kinds of night light do we have? Night light is a small lamp, typically attached directly to an electrical outlet or battery powered, providing a dim light during the night. Nowadays night lights usually have RGB lighting color, which can be used as atmosphere and home decor. Here we show some of our hot designs for your reference, we also do OEM orders, just contact us right now and tell us your requirement, we are confident that we can help you realize your ideal design.

Projector Night Light Wholesale

There are our top 5 projector night light, which have night light and projection light functions, and a variety of films show different cartoon projection effects, include flowing shadows, starry sky, or other lovely patterns, their cartoon patterns are suitable for children. The light usually reaches the ceiling at a distance of 3-4 metres, and most of them can be remoted control.

Bedside Night Light Wholesale

Different from projected night lights, bedside night lights are more used for illumination and atmosphere. The smart bedside night lights usually have yellow light with different brightness and atmosphere RGB color light, which can be adjusted by touch. Even some of them can be remotely controlled through mobile phone APP.

Silicone Night Lamp Wholesale


Our silicone night lamp is smaller, softer and suitable for night lighting. At the same time, the BPA free silicone material is soft and flexible, so it can switch between warm and cold light by flipping up and down, and gently tap to open, close and adjust the brightness.

These funny silicone night lights come in more than a dozen different animal designs, bunny, piggy, deer, cat, mickey mouse, penguins, chicks, and so on. Of course, we can customize your own design as you want.

Decorative Night Light Wholesale

Usually the most important function of decorative night lights is decoration and atmosphere. We have two very beautiful moon and heart designs like below shown, their soft lighting and elegant shapes provide a cozy atmosphere at night, helps ease your mood. They are perfect for holiday decor and provide a warm corner of your room.

They are romantic and great gift. Not only you can sell them as night light, decoration, but you can also place them in the gift category. This will opens up more possibilities for your sales plan.

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