Powerful Bluetooth Speakers Are Still Mainstream

As a smart bluetooth speaker product promoter, we believe that every family will be equipped with smart speaker products. Speaking of speakers, today’s hottest HiFi Bluetooth speakers are still the most mainstream listening products. What is the difference between the two? Today we will talk about how to choose between WiFi speakers and Bluetooth speakers.

WiFi technology is currently very mature, our daily life can not escape the existence of WiFi, mobile phones, computers, tablets and even today’s smart patch panels, smart desk lamps, smart WIFI bulbs, smart speakers … regardless of Internet or home smart devices Connections, all need to be supported by WiFi technology to be able to operate normally.

Bluetooth audio connection can be said to be more ambiguous in the current speaker field: no matter the bandwidth or transmission distance is far lower than the level of WiFi, Bluetooth can not match the transmission speed of WiFi. So why are Bluetooth speakers still mainstream? Let’s move on.

I believe that many friends who have experienced WiFi speakers on the spot will have a good call to the WiFi speakers, because the WiFi speakers have excellent wall-to-wall capability. In the same WiFi coverage area, as long as the mobile phone is connected to WiFi, the speaker can be controlled. Therefore, the transmission distance problem like the Bluetooth speaker and the signal occlusion problem can directly affect the sense of hearing, and the WiFi speaker is completely fearless.

But despite this, WiFi speakers still have a very serious problem: most WiFi speaker experience stores offer mobile phones instead of letting you use your own mobile phone to connect to WiFi speakers. Because almost all WiFi speakers must be connected via an exclusive app, and the process of pairing from the phone to the speaker and then connecting to the same WiFi is very complicated. And the delay of the WiFi speaker is extremely high, so basically it can only be used for music playback. Some products may have the problem that the sound and picture are not synchronized in movies and games.

This directly leads to the WiFi speakers in your home can only be used for your own mobile phone, friends come to the house to spend a few minutes under the software, paired speakers to achieve the sharing of speakers, but people want to try everyone That is simply impossible~ and most of the current WiFi speakers only support the built-in programs and online games such as AirPlay and Q Play, or the internal baseband platform for voice recognition.

If you usually use other music platforms or some other playback software, music playback will also become a big problem. For example, Sonos Beam, although its mobile phone software can be compatible with music search/playback of major platforms at home and abroad, but if your daily mobile phone uses some other incompatible programs to listen to, then you must adapt to it.

In contrast, the controllability of bluetooth speakers is much better. Although Bluetooth speakers can’t achieve perfect lossless sound quality transmission, these high-quality Bluetooth transmission protocols such as aptX and LDAC can still bring us a nearly lossless sound quality experience, which is very small for ordinary music lovers. Almost negligible.

There are still many areas where WiFi speaker products need to be improved. We also look forward to high-end speaker products that can transmit higher quality sound through the high bandwidth of WiFi. But for now, the high-quality Bluetooth protocol is fully sufficient for consumer-grade HiFi products. In addition to bandwidth and intelligence, bluetooth speakers are more controllable and scalable. When Bluetooth audio can be developed into true lossless transmission in the future, I am afraid that WiFi speakers will only work in the field of intelligent control.

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