Featured Bluetooth Speakers With LED Lamp

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As a BT speaker lamp manufacturer, we got to know a lot of customers who buy bluetooth speakers. The home bluetooth speaker is convenient to listen to music, and the sound is louder than the mobile phone player and the sound quality is good. Especially the multi-functional bluetooth speaker is very easy to move and carry. It … Read more

Does A Non-strobe Light Really Not Strobe?

In many places, we will see the following method of using a mobile phone to test the lamp’s flicker (refer to the picture below), that is, how to distinguish whether the table lamp has “stroboscopic” phenomenon, everyone seems to have found a universal method to distinguish the quality of the lamp. However, does the “flicker-free lamp” tested … Read more

How To Choose A Suitable Table Lamp?

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LED night lamp is a necessary tool in our study, and we need it for work and study. Do you know what kinds of table lamps are there? How to choose a lamp? What Are The Most Common Table Lamps? In fact, there are too many materials for desk lamps. As a led lamp manufacturer, we classify … Read more

Top Picked Night Lights For Kids

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A nice night light benefits both parents and babies. The outline of the room under a faint, soothing light is as clear to a parent as it could be under the ceiling light, but without added light stressors. A baby who already used to sleeping with such a light on, finds it to be welcoming and non-disruptive making it the perfect sleep … Read more

Why Need a Night Light to Fall Asleep?

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Why Do Children Often Need a Night Light to Fall Asleep? Many children often need a night light to fall asleep, because the darkness is unknown and fearful. Mostly children do not know how to calm their mind. More practically: a lot children are very aware of their powerlessness. Somehow a bit of light is empowering and … Read more

What Is Night Light?

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The light of the night light is soft and can be used as a guide in the darkness. Most night lights have multiple functions. The shape of the night light is ever-changing, and the materials include ceramics, wood, iron, acrylic, metal and other materials. At the same time, the small night lights are rich in varieties, strong … Read more

Depression Turned Out To Be Closely Related To the Season

The SAD light we sold make me know more about depression, which has been turned out closely related to the season. Listen to the interpretation of psychologists and stay away from SAD. From a seasonal perspective, depression tends to occur more frequently in autumn and winter. As the Chinese saying goes: “Autumn wind and rain … Read more

Why Light Therapy Is Used For Depression?

According to the latest report of the World Health Organization, more than 300 million people worldwide suffer from depression, and depression has become the leading cause of disability around the world, and nearly half of the patients are not treated, and nearly 800,000 people die by suicide each year. Specifically in my country, depressed patients … Read more

Using Lights To Treat Bipolar Depression

Bipolar disorder (BD) is a major mood disorder in which recurrent depression is twice as much as recurrent mania (35% vs. 14%). Bipolar depression is often complicated by episodic and chronic diseases, impaired psychosocial function, poor general health, decreased quality of life, and increased risk of suicide. The treatment of bipolar depression showed that only … Read more

Why We Need SAD Therapy Lamps?


SAD therapy lamp is a kind of artificial lamp which uses the visible light in the artificial light source to simulate the sunlight and give the people who lack the light to artificially supplement the light. The light therapy lamp is a modern product, as in the distant past, humans lived outdoors and were exposed … Read more