Why We Need Wake Up Light?

More and more people know and use wake-up lights, Recently our wake-up lights are sold all over the world, especially in European countries.

What Is Wake Up Light?

Wake-up lamp is a bedside lamp that uses LED lighting design to simulate the change of light from the rising of the sun, and affects the body’s biological clock through the gradually brightening light, so as to achieve the natural wake-up of the human body. From now on, getting up early in the morning will no longer be a difficult task. Our wake-up light will wake you up gently.

So Why We Need Wake Up Light?

LEDBeer is committed to bringing consumers a relaxed and pleasant way to wake up naturally. Every morning, it will slowly light up at the set time, just like the morning when the sun is rising, when you are still asleep, it will prepare your body and mind to wake up, accompanied by the crisp birdsong from far to near. Awaken you gently in your sleep.


This relaxing and pleasant “waking up” process draws a perfect end to the night’s sleep, allowing you to feel the energy in your body every morning after you wake up, and you will have a pleasant mood throughout the day.

Features Of LEDBeer Wake Up Light?

  • Our wake-up lights all have a special wake up sound with FM radio function and simulated natural sound effects, making you feel like you are in the nature and wake up easily and happily.
  • It supports adjusting the brightness, up to daylight, and the light is soft and not dazzling, ensuring the best visual effect, so it can be used as a bedside reading light or night light.
  • It is easy to operate and suitable to be placed at bedside of the bedroom.
  • The whole design fully embodies technology, innovation, greenness and humanity.
bedside sunrise wake up alarm clock

How They Talk About Wake Up Light?

We wholesale wake-up lights, and we also have many retail customers. They are like our friends and often give us feedback on their real feelings.

Dika Chen

I have used LEDBeer’s wake-up light. During that time, I developed the habit of getting up early, relying entirely on it. The impact of light on sleep is huge.

Later, the light broke down and I switched to a mobile app that monitors the depth of sleep. It was comfortable to get up, but I thought the light was more effective, so I bought a wake-up light.

Being unable to wake up in the morning is a state in which the body is physically resistant to getting up, and the consciousness is not awake. What about awakening of will? The reason why people really can’t get out of bed is not laziness, but the circadian body clock does not match the social clock.

wake up light simulate sunrise

Sleep experts believe this is the same as jet lag. Those who can’t get up early in the morning can often stay up late at night, but they may not be allowed to get up late at work, which causes a dislocation of the body and the social clock. I am that kind of person. I can work until 2 am and get up until 8 am; but I can’t go to bed at 10 pm and get up at 3 am.


I have used this LEDbeer lamp for two years and it is very comfortable for me. It may not be because it allows me to get up on time every day (I am a person who thinks getting up is a very easy thing), but after using it, I won’t be awakened by the alarm every day.

When I was in the third year of high school, I was forced to get up early every day. I fell asleep very hard because I was tired. When the alarm rang, I was awakened. I was staring at the first two minutes of being awakened by the alarm clock with confused and panicked. I was wondering if I would be scared to death by an alarm clock one day, until I accidentally discovered this light on the Internet many years later.

wake-up light lamp alarm clock

Features of this lamp:

  1. The brightness is high. I remember reading the instructions and saying that it is a halogen lamp. When I open my eyes and turn off the alarm every morning, it is too bright to look directly at (the highest brightness is 20, I set 18)
  2. The light starts to light up half an hour before the alarm time every day, and the brightness is gradually increased. When the specified time is reached, it will play a sweet ringtone. I use the bird sound. It reminds me that I can hear the sweet bird sound every morning when I was a child Get up without any burden, which is what I have always longed for.

The principle I understand is not to make you wake up from the sun through changes in light, but to make you gradually transition from deep sleep to light sleep through short-term obvious changes in light, and then through less harsh and sharp The ringing tone wakes you up. When I wake up with this lamp, the gas is obviously gone. People who are getting up should understand that suddenly being frightened by the mobile phone and reluctant to drop the mobile phone is actually quite angry.


This wake-up light is especially suitable for Europeans, because in most parts of Europe, the day and night time is very different in winter and summer. In summer, it is dark at 10 pm in the evening, dawn at 4 am in the morning, while in winter, it is dark at 5 pm in the afternoon, and dawn at 8 am in the morning.

In these places with high latitudes and great changes in day and night, the circadian rhythm can be well adjusted with this wake-up light. In addition, people who have difficulty getting up, usually stay up late, their biological clock and circadian rhythm are chaotic, and this wake-up light is also suitable.


A very good lamp, very beautiful. As for the natural wake-up light, many people only pay attention to its wake up lamp, but it also has a sleep aid function. You can set the timing function, then the light gradually dims from bright to dark until it is turned off. A useful feature.

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