How To Choose A Suitable Table Lamp?

LED night lamp is a necessary tool in our study, and we need it for work and study. Do you know what kinds of table lamps are there? How to choose a lamp?

What Are The Most Common Table Lamps?

In fact, there are too many materials for desk lamps. As a led lamp manufacturer, we classify the commonly used ones as follows. The advantages and disadvantages are categorized according to the categories. Let’s first understand the common types.

ABS Table Lamp

Acrylic has the characteristics of high transparency, moreover, acrylic has high gloss and bright color, which can be used indoors and outdoors.

Because it has the advantages of good transparency, chemical stability and good abrasion resistance, and because of its easy processing and dyeing characteristics, it is widely used in the construction industry and home indoor lighting.

Advantages: small size, low price, easy to carry, wide application.

Rattan Table Lamp

With the aim of environmental protection design, the rattan lamp advocates a simple and natural life, perfectly combines comfort and environmental protection, and brings a modern home style with a rural style. Using wild rattan as the material, the rattan lamp boldly expresses the desire to get close to nature, and can temporarily escape the hustle and bustle of urban life, and can also cut out a quiet place at home and have close contact with nature.

Leather Table Lamp

Leather table lamp is an emerging fashion table lamp, mainly leather material shows unique and obvious business characteristics, suitable for office people and business people who pursue trends. The main advantages are softness, breathability, wear resistance, high strength, high moisture absorption and water vapor permeability, and natural and unique beauty.

Advantages: modern, fashionable, business, high-end.

Metal Table Lamp

Metal table lamps are made of hard metal, which is a more common type of lighting nowadays, and most of the accessories of lamps and lanterns have iron elements. Iron art can be used as lamp holders, wire drawing, lampshade frames, etc., and can also be used to make various styles of lamps and lanterns through baking technology, such as new Chinese style table lamps, which use iron art very well.

There are various styles, which are fashionable and versatile, and very cheap and durable. The only disadvantage of this material is that it is not resistant to oxidation and is more prone to rust.

Advantages: fashionable, modern, various shapes, suitable for decoration, low price.
Disadvantages: easy to rust.

Wooden Desk Lamp

Wooden desk lamps are made of wood, although the design is simple, it has a classic atmosphere, it is suitable for classical decoration and is very affordable. However, the strip lamps of this material are not very moisture-proof and can easily break. Over a long period of time, the color will drop and glue will open.

Advantages: classical, simple shape, suitable for Chinese decoration, moderate price.
Disadvantages: easy to break, fade and unglue.

Crystal Table Lamp

The crystal table lamp is made of crystal, and the appearance is graceful, luxurious and the glaze is exquisite, which is easy to leave a deep impression on people. Generally, the price is more expensive, and it is more suitable for luxurious spaces, and is used by hotels and villas in high-end places. Usually, crystal table lamps are mostly European-style table lamps and American-style table lamps. Because it is made of crystal, it looks very beautiful. The size is relatively large and heavy, while it is relatively easy to break.

Advantages: suitable for luxurious decoration, beautiful, high-grade, more bigger size.
Disadvantages: fragile, high price.

Resin Table Lamp

The resin table lamp is made of resin, its toughness is very good, the shape design is more complicated, but the style is novel, more suitable for European style decoration. However, long-term use of this material will fade and the price will be more expensive.

Advantages: suitable for European-style decoration, with complex structure and elegant style.
Disadvantages: easy to fade over time and high price.

Ceramic Table Lamp

The ceramic lamp is a lamp made of ceramic materials. The ancient ceramic lamp mainly refers to the lamp with the ceramic material for the vessel and the base of the lamp oil or candle. The modern ceramic lamp is mostly made of ceramic lampshade, and a few ceramic lamps are made of ceramic material. Similar to ancient ceramic lamps, the earliest The hollow ceramic lamp is just a cover for candle lights in the palace. In modern times, it has developed into a hollow porcelain base for table lamps. It is highly decorative.

Advantages: artistic, classical, diverse styles, strong ornamental, durable and affordable.
Disadvantages: fragile.

Jade Table Lamp

The jade table lamp is made of jade and has a delicate and transparent appearance. It is not only very decorative, but also has artistic value. However, this type of light bar is relatively easy to break and is very expensive.

Advantages: exquisite and thorough, high collection value.
Disadvantages: high price, fragile.

How To Choose A Table Lamp That Suits You?

1. Choose Ring Light Source

There are strip, dot, circular and ring light sources for desk lights. How should the light source for desk lights be selected? The best choice is from ring to circle to strip. Because the illumination surface of the ring light source desk lamp is more uniform, there will be no over-brightness in some areas or under-brightness in some areas, which is conducive to reading at night and reduces the burden on the eyes.

2. Adjustable Brightness And Lamp Arm

The height of the seat and writing habits are different for each person when writing. The position of the desk lamp is different from the height of the human eye. If the light source cannot be adjusted, it is often not conducive to the direction of the light source. The most suitable desk lamp is placed. The location is only the upper left corner of the desk, and the adjustability of the light source facilitates the effective adjustment of the user according to actual needs during the use process to achieve the most comfortable effect. At the same time, it can prevent the light source from shining directly on the eyes, which is conducive to better reading.

3. No Strobe

Strobe is extremely easy to cause eye fatigue, dizziness, uncomfortable eyes, and light symptoms. In severe cases, it may cause headaches and vision loss. The most direct way to check whether there is flicker is to turn on the camera of the mobile phone and face the light source of the desk. If there is no flashing dark line on the mobile phone screen, it means that there is no flicker. The dark lines flow happily so the more serious the flicker.

The types of table lamps include metal strip table lamps, wooden table lamps, jade table lamps, crystal table lamps and resin table lamps. When choosing a table lamp, you must first stand at the light source of the table, choose a table lamp with a more uniform illumination surface, and then see if the light source can be adjusted in direction and height. The adjustment can be used by multiple people, and finally a table lamp without flicker should be selected, which is better for the eyes.

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