Best Craft Night Lights

As a craft night light wholesaler, we’ve seen a lot of buyers looking for craft night lights. Craft night light refers to a night light with beautiful appearance and sophisticated craftsmanship, which could be used as decorations, mainly for room decor. The small night light has various shapes, vivid, beautiful and practical, and lovely image. The whole lighting can be used as room decorations or small gifts for family and friends.

We are often tempted to be close to nature, about the sun and the moon, about everything in nature. Therefore, we try our best to use artificial light in the room to simulate the light of nature, so that people have a feeling of being close to nature. The following are a few craft night lights related to the sun and the moon.

Top5. LOVE Heart-shaped Night Light

This heart-shaped night light can also be used as a craft night light due to its unique shape. Its heart-shaped shape is perfect for a gift between lovers. Give it to your significant lover so that he will think of you every night when he uses the nightlight.

love heart-shaped night light (1)

In fact, there are many crafts night lights on the market, there are also many friends who regard homemade night lights as their crafts. From the perspective of manufacturers, craft night lights are the combination of indoor crafts and LED lights. If you want to have a great craft night light idea and want to sell and share it, please feel free to contact us and hope our engineers can help you.

Top4. Sunrise Simulation Lamp

Sunrise lighting creates the dynamic effect of the rising sun, which simulates the light of the rising sun before your alarm clock goes off in the morning, waking you up at the sunrise atmosphere.

What makes it unique is that it simulates the rising of the sun, allowing your body to get used to daylight so you can wake up sober. It shaped like a circular sun, it can also be used as a craft night light on your nightstand.

Top3. 3D Spherical Hollow Romantic Lamp

Another product that looks like a craft has to be this night light, it’s made of rattan, with a lot of hollowed-out design that makes the lights projected inside look like starlight. So whether it is the lamp body or lighting night light, can be put as a handicraft in the home to decorate your room.

3d spherical hollow romantic lamp (1)

Give this craft night light to your family, friends or just for yourself. Let it decorate your room, accompany you to sleep every night, and make you feel good every day.

Top2. Levitating Moon Lamp

A night light that completely simulates the moon must be a must-have artifact for the bedroom. It uses magnetic levitation technology to make the moon light float above 15mm of the base and rotate all the time.

It also has three different light colors, natural moon light, cool white and warm white. You could enjoy the moon at any time by placing it in the bedroom.

Top1. Sunset Projection Lamp For Craft

This sunset projection lamp is a new design in 2021, it will be a kind of new trending and best seller on E-commerce platform.

The light projected by it is like the setting sun falling over the mountains. The orange-red light is warm and powerful, which can heal people’s mood. For those who are prone to insomnia at night, a period of exposure to the setting light after dark is a better way to tell the body that it is nightfall and time to rest.

It is also the perfect photography background light, have your Photography Model stand under this light to take pictures, the soft setting sun shines on the face, what’s a warm atmosphere. We believe this wonderful sunset projection lamp will make you become a good photographer.

You could also select the rainbow projection lamp, which gives you the opportunity to experience the scenery different from the setting sun. It could be placed indoors as a room decoration craft night light, whether for bedroom, living room or study room.

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