Are Night Light Harmful To Baby?

Are night lights harmful to baby? Such as sexual precocity, short stature, myopia and other problems? How exactly do you use a night light?

The night light was an excellent invention for mother. First of all, we should know what is a night light? When the baby is afraid of the dark when sleeping, it is not convenient to take care of the baby at night. Night lights can easily solve these problems. Although a night light is only a small beam of light, but for the mother, it is very helpful, and it can also directly avoid the impact of headlight exposure on baby’s sleep. So night lights can be seen almost everywhere where there are babies, including nursery rooms at home and wards in hospitals. Not only I like them, but also more people like them.

However, for such an excellent contestant, people’s views on it are mixed, because some people say that sleeping with the light on will cause the baby to be short-sighted, short stature, precocious sexual problems……

So, do night lights really cause these problems in babies? Can you still use it for the baby? Now I want to talk about these issues.

01: Will night lights cause premature puberty in babies?

【Rumor】Turn on the night light to sleep will affect the baby’s secretion of melatonin, resulting in excessive accumulation of gonadotropin, so that the baby’s sexual precocity.

【Conclusion】Possibly. Improper use of night lights can indeed affect the secretion of melatonin. One of the functions of melatonin is to reduce the secretion of gonadotropin, which prevents babies from puberty and precocious puberty. If the secretion of melatonin is reduced, it will make the baby secrete sex hormones earlier, once the accumulation is too much, there may be the phenomenon of premature puberty.

【how to deal with?】Therefore, it is necessary for us to learn how to use baby night lights.

02: Will the night light cause the baby to grow short?

【Rumor】the night is the peak of baby growth hormone secretion, if sleep has been turned on the light, that growth hormone will not reach the normal value of the night secretion, resulting in the baby is not tall.

【Conclusion】Possibly. Because melatonin can indirectly affect the secretion of hormones related to the growth and development of the baby, abnormal melatonin secretion is naturally not conducive to the growth of the baby.

【how to deal with?】As a mother, how can we allow such a thing to happen? An motion sensor night light or bunny design timer night light is the best option.

03: Will the night light cause the baby to reverse the day and night?

【Rumor】If the baby has been sleeping with the night light on, it will make the baby confused with night and day, may appear the phenomenon of day and night reversal, sleep during the day, enjoy playing at night.

【Conclusion】Yes. The newborn baby has no concept of day and night. When he was in the womb, he was in a completely dark environment. After he was born, it was inevitable that there would be a sense of strangeness when he met the new environment for the first time. But if the baby has been sleeping at night with the night light on, it is tantamount to putting him in a daytime environment for a long time, completely unable to experience the concept of darkness of the night, which may lead to indistinguishable from day and night.

【how to deal with?】Parents need to help their baby adapt to the new environment, make sure your baby’s sleep environment is dark enough at night and bright enough during the day to help him distinguish between day and night, allowing him to gradually adapt to his circadian rhythm and eventually develop a regular routine.

04: Will the night light cause myopia in babies?

【Rumor】If the baby sleeps with the light on, the light will stimulate the baby’s eyes, resulting in the eye and ciliary muscle can not fully rest, it is easy to cause damage to the retina and affect the normal development of vision.

【Conclusion】No. There are scientific studies that prove that sleeping with the light on causes damage to the retina if the light is high + long exposure and blue light. However, the current night light on the market, are not up to this level, so mothers do not have to worry about the night light will cause damage to the baby’s eyesight.

【how to deal with?】Use the softest night light so that you can see where your baby is in the dark at night. Try not to keep the light on all night and not direct into the baby’s eyes.

05: Does the night light still work?

Night lights are useful if needed. They are convenient and less harmful than taking care of a baby in the dark or turning on a bright light.

In fact, turn on the bright light is more harmful to the baby, even a few minutes of high – intensity exposure can indirectly affect the baby’s hormone secretion. Compared to this, the effect of the night light is really insignificant. Night lights can continue to be used as long as you pay attention to how to use them and choose the right products.

06: How to correctly select and use the night light?

  1. Light color. There are many kinds of night lights on the market, with different color, brightness and softness, so mom and dad should try to buy the night light with weak and soft light, and a red or amber night light with low brightness and a controlled switch is best.
  2. Position. When using a night light, try to avoid direct light in the eyes of the child. It is best to place the night light lower than the height of the table or bed, so as to avoid direct light in the baby.
  3. Time of use. When you use a night light, you’d better not keep it on all night. Turn it on when you need to use it, and turn it off immediately when you don’t need it. Try to let your baby develop the habit of turning off the light when sleeping.

07: Make sure your baby’s sleep rhythm is the most important.

Instead of worrying about night lights, parents should be more concerned about their baby’s sleep rhythm.

Because your baby is sleeping regularly, he will wake up less at night, and he will be able to use the night light less often, so he can avoid these worries. So how to ensure the baby’s sleep rhythm?

  1. Pay attention to help your baby form a circadian routine, the sleep environment at night should be dark enough, the daytime environment should be brighter, do not sleep at night with the lights on, so it is easy for your baby to not distinguish between day and night.
  2. Parents can turn on the night light when the baby is ready to sleep or take care of the baby, and then turn off the night light after the baby falls asleep, be sure to develop the good habit of sleeping with the lights off.
  3. Parents’ work and rest habits also have a great impact on their babies, but they are also easy to ignore, which requires parents to also have regular work and rest habits to minimize the impact on their babies’ sleep. For example, sleeping late, using electronic devices in the bedroom, etc.

Finally, I want to remind you again: when babies sleep, you don’t have to blind them to the light, but you shouldn’t leave the light on all night either.

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