20+ Picked Nice Night Light For Sale

I especially like to collect night lights as I live alone and not used to the dark night. The function of night lights is to make the environment looks more cozy, especially in warm colors. So we are going to make a collection of these most beautiful night lights on the market.

1. Himalayan Salt Lamp

Salt lamp is a hot product this year, the beauty of salt lamp is also a wild sense of literature and art.

And salt lamps in the shape of conches.

This style of the salt lamp is very simple and clean. It gives people a very comfortable feeling visually. There are many functions to choose from, also with sound function.

2. Salt Lamp With Decorative Bottles

Mineral salt lamp with decorative bottles, you can put it anywhere, bedroom or living room, is not only a good decoration, but also a good night light, there is a strong aesthetic.

There are also more LED decorative lights, more geometric.

3. Nordic Style Night Light

Nordic style small night light, simulating the stars in the universe, with obvious texture, warm yellow light, is a very romantic night light.

This marble table lamp of the same type is also beautiful and delicate. It can be used as a home decoration or a night light. But the color is colder, which makes it look more Nordic and more rational.

4. Square Salt Lamp

The crystal salt lamp is also simple and generous in design. Among our customers, European customers prefer square night lights.

5. Wooden Night Light

This is a wooden night light. This kind of creative wooden night light is both cute and artistic and fresh, and can be used in children’s rooms.

Whales, baby elephants, and sheep are all childlike styles that are warm and cute and relaxing.

6. Minimalise Night Light

There are also particularly minimalist styles, with circles and house shapes.

7. Hazelnut Night Light

For all Miyazaki fans, the Hazelnut Nightlamp is a dream of the little hazelnut. The Hazelnut Nightlamp is a fairy tale fantasy.

8. Forest Cabin Night Light

It is like a night light out of a fairy tale world. If you give it to a good friend, it will be the cutest gift.

9. Japanese Minimalist Style Night Light

A small night light of Japanese style, which has a gentle feeling.

10. Cute Kid Night Light

Cute and innocent night light, suitable for children as a gift, and handmade wooden night light will be more expensive.

11. Classical Chinese Night Light

A very classical Chinese style night light, simple but clever shape, giving people a sense of peace and stillness.

12. Wooden Desk Lamp

There are also desk lamps in this shape.

13. Mini Retro Night Lights

A nostalgic retro night light that is mini and fits on your desk.

14. Light Bulb Night Light

This small LED night light is more retro and simulates the feeling of a light bulb. It is super suitable for bedrooms, living rooms, etc.

15. Tungsten Filament Night Light

This model also simulates tungsten filament bulb, with strong industrial feeling.

16. Handmade Origami Night Light

A small night light designed by hand origami, more creative and beautiful.

17. Lantern Festival Night Light

This is a small night light produced by the National Museum of China. The elements come from the Lantern Festival in China, which symbolizes reunion and joy.

18. Marble Night Light

If you’re looking for something that can be used as a home decor, then this is the perfect item.

19. Industrial Style Night Light

These metal night lights are industrial and perfect for your boyfriend or boy.

20. Craft Night Light

This is an ornamental night light. It looks like a mini fish tank with a cute goldfish inside. Kids will love this one.

We hope these 20 picked night lamps can replace the bright table lamps to illuminate and warm your every night.

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