Looking For A Stable & Reliable Night Light Supplier?

Looking For A Stable & Reliable Night Light Supplier? Congratulation! We are looking for business partners! As a professional night light manufacturer, Carolx focuses on LED night lamp, and provides the best solution of LED lamps, we’ll be your #1 source for wholesale night lights and more other LED related products. Know more about us. What kinds … Read more

Are Night Light Harmful To Baby?

Are night lights harmful to baby? Such as sexual precocity, short stature, myopia and other problems? How exactly do you use a night light? The night light was an excellent invention for mother. First of all, we should know what is a night light? When the baby is afraid of the dark when sleeping, it is … Read more

20+ Picked Nice Night Light For Sale

I especially like to collect night lights as I live alone and not used to the dark night. The function of night lights is to make the environment looks more cozy, especially in warm colors. So we are going to make a collection of these most beautiful night lights on the market. 1. Himalayan Salt … Read more

Best Craft Night Lights

As a craft night light wholesaler, we’ve seen a lot of buyers looking for craft night lights. Craft night light refers to a night light with beautiful appearance and sophisticated craftsmanship, which could be used as decorations, mainly for room decor. The small night light has various shapes, vivid, beautiful and practical, and lovely image. … Read more

What Is The Best LED Under Cabinet Lighting?

Closet lights are mostly applied to the interior of furniture or cabinets, which are basically equipped with sensor functions. Most bedrooms have only one main light, the light inside the closet will be blocked by the cabinet or the human body, and then the closet becomes a blind spot for lighting. On the contrary, if you … Read more

Does The Sleep Aid Lamp Has Positive Effect On Sleep?

Medicine believes that sleep aid lamp has a positive effect on sleep when people have trouble falling asleep, even if it is only a psychological comfort, as long as it can make people feel at ease and comfortable, it is good thing. Mainly from two aspects: Theoretically, The Secretion of Melatonin At present, it is … Read more

White Noise Machine Helps You Sleep

According to a survey conducted by the Chinese Society for Sleep Research: In 2020, the incidence of insomnia among Chinese adults is as high as 38.2%, which means that more than 300 million Chinese people have sleep disorders. Among people with insomnia, sleep problems are most prominent among young people born in the 90s and … Read more

Why Are You Not Sleeping Well?

Are you finding a magical sleep aid device? Do you often find it difficult to fall asleep? Do you envy those who have deep sleep? Do you want to solve the problem of difficulty falling asleep? If you have been having trouble falling asleep, it may be something you are doing or what you do before … Read more

Why Does White Noise Help People Sleep?

Open the app store on your phone, search for “sleep” and there will be many apps that help you fall asleep, almost all of them are about white noise. Young people in modern society have poor sleep quality due to various reasons, so white noise machines that help fall asleep have also emerged. What Is … Read more

Powerful Bluetooth Speakers Are Still Mainstream

tree branch table lamp bluetooth speaker

As a smart bluetooth speaker product promoter, we believe that every family will be equipped with smart speaker products. Speaking of speakers, today’s hottest HiFi Bluetooth speakers are still the most mainstream listening products. What is the difference between the two? Today we will talk about how to choose between WiFi speakers and Bluetooth speakers. WiFi technology … Read more